Getting Here

We settled on the south side of Grenadier Island 5 years ago and have been loving every minute of it. On our Property we have beautiful beaches and views and you will have a chance to visit with the Goats and Chickens while your here.The Island offers immense beauty with its groomed trails,Historic Landmarks and buildings that date back to when this island was a settled farming community. The National park offers sandy beaches, great swiming and camping …this is a great chance to take a little time for you!

Come Eearly..Enjoy What The Island Has To Offer! Beautiful Trails for Hiking and Biking- Parks- Camping- Swimming- Bird Watching-Fishing or Just Enjoy the View!

Click the map for directions.

Click the map for directions.

    We have 2 options getting to and from the Island


This is for those that are able to freely climb in and out of a boat and onto the dock…This can be more challenging when the waters are low so we will keep this in mind when scheduling.

Landing Craft

This is great for those that have mobility issues are if you are planning on bringing out any gear. There is a ramp for easy loading.

Classes may be subject to rescheduling due to the weather but will be rescheduled at your convenience.

For Any Question; Please Call Lisa @ 613-802-2125

Photo Gallery
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