Cooking Classes and a Whole Lot More!
With a full view of the St Lawrence River, all your senses will be engaged as you cook and bake in an island oasis kitchen.
Let's experiment together in a modern, well-equipped kitchen that is hungering for flavour-filled creativity and gourmet masterpieces.
The Kiko Goat originated from New Zealand and is a Maori word for flesh or meat. Developed for fast growth and survivability with little input from the producer, all of our Kiko's are from healthy stock, CL and CAE Free!
Island News
March 28, 2016
We didn’t get a lot of Eagles this year but certainly enjoyed the ones we did!
March 28, 2016
It was a lot of fun watching the kids romp around…Dorris is due any day now so there should be more little ones soon! Girls @ 3 weeks old Video
March 22, 2016
Our Doe had 2 beautiful and healthy little does. Daphnie is the whiter one and the other girl that looks a lot like her mother is Delilah. They were born on March 1st and are doing great.  Here is a little video of the girls at about 2 hours old 🙂 Daphnie and Delilah  
February 8, 2016
The Goats have been enjoying being able to get out and play without the snow and ice. So fun to watch them and Duke and our cat Tar are real buddies..
February 3, 2016
We are definitely not complaining about the amazing weather we have had this winter. It was like this the first year we moved out there but the last 4 winters were classic Canadian winters. Here are some shots of this year I thought i’d share 🙂 ...
April 19, 2015
Book your spot early…spaces are limited 🙂
February 4, 2015
Here is a video of our ride to shore…now that we have some snow to ride on, it is a much nicer ride 🙂
February 4, 2015
My neighbor and I went for a Skate on the River in front of the house. It was all Black Ice…here is a little video 🙂 IMG_3112
January 31, 2015
We have been enjoying the yearly return on the Eagles out here on the Island. Our neighbor will take out any deer carcasses he finds and put them out on the ice for the Eagles to eat…sometimes we get the Coyotes too which cool to watch.
January 8, 2015
      Just thought i’d share some of the Lovely Sunrises we have been getting on the Island 🙂
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You and your friends will be picked up by boat in Rockport and brought out to Grenadier Island where you can enjoy learning to Cook and Bake while taking in a beautiful view of the St.Lawrence River. This is a wonderful chance to spend time together, explore the 1000 Islands and try something new!

All Classes will be designed around having Fun in the kitchen and what skills you are looking to learn! Whether you are a novice and want to learn the basics or have been cooking and baking for years and just want to share a great afternoon in the kitchen with your friends...hopefully you will learn a new trick or two...We have the class for you!
Life on the island...

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Today’s Recipe

  • Gotta Make the Donuts :)

    Fluffy and Ready to be Devoured…Give these a try, you can fill them with your favorite filling or just ice the tops. Either way they are delicious!


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